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to make your payments. Farassi Pay offers cheaper fares compared to paying with cash. Download our Apps Now


The Farassi MaGic

Understanding the Farassi MaGic sets riders apart from their peers, enabling them to ride cashless while paying for what they can afford – Name Your Fare/Price. The rider has the option to negotiate or bargain the fare with the Service Provider (Provider) or even book the ride directly.

The Farassi MaGic creates a safe environment for both riders and providers. Riders use the in-app SOS and TRUSTED CONTACTS feature to alert friends and relatives. 

The Farassi MaGic enables CASHLESS transactions for Riders during booking. Riders have the option to book with mobile money/visa debit or master card. Providers also get paid in less than 4 hours after the end of a trip via mobile money.

The Farassi Magic gives riders the ability to have a limitless two-way in-app communication.

And Coming SOON, the Farassi MaGic will transform the way people  buy food from their favourite Restaurant or Chop Bar in support of the reduction in the spread of COVID-19.

Join the Farassi MaGic – For the Community by the Community.

What Makes Our MaGic Real

Convenient and friendly rides

Using farassi is convenient. Our service providers are friendly, organized and well trained.

Clear and transparent fares/prices

We always show you the price before you order for a service and the best part is, the prices are negotiable. Awesome isn't it!

Journey Tracking

Your safety is our priority. All our trips are geo-tracked.You can also share your trip in real-time so your friends and family know where you are.

We're here for you

Our customer support team is here to help you and answer any questions you might have.


The Farassi experience is having the opportunity to negotiate and bargain for a sweet affordable fare and enjoying a wonderful and a smooth ride as if you never paid for anything. 

I’ll do this Millions of Times

The App that does MaGic

Farassi for Business

An opportunity to change corporate fleet management and be ahead of your peers.

Leveling the play field to bring like minds together.

Playground for creative organizations

FarassiBiz is a three-way application, which involves, the user, the dispatch officer and the driver. With a secure and encrypted environment, the staff riders and staff drivers (depending on your organization structure) interreact uniquely with the dispatch team (based in your organization) to schedule and assign riders to available drivers, avoiding duplicate bookings and unauthorized company vehicle usage.

Both Rider and driver Apps are available for free on Google play store and the Apple App store.

The dispatch platform is a web application which affords your dispatch team a rich and detailed tools to manage the organizational fleet without stress and difficult. It offers reports and analytics which can be exported into company reporting tools for analysis or sharing with management etc. The dispatcher oversees setting up accounts for both the riders and drivers and is responsible for assigning and pairing drivers to Riders.