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Why FarassiChops

Reach a wider audience

We feature your business on our website so your business has a wider reach to new customers.

Boost your digital presence

Get the best first impression with your digital storefront.

Deliver fast, deliver your way

With our reliable delivery network, you can fulfil your delivery order with 30-60 minutes on average. Your food is always delivered how you want to your customers.

Fast insights with easy-to-use dashboard

Take full advantage of Farassi. Get access to the entire suite of integrated solutions to help you run your business.

Make quick, data-informed decisions when you manage your Farassi Online Store and sales and payments from your desktop or our free mobile app.

Partner reviews

What people say?

The Farassi team’s in-depth knowledge, willingness to support from start to launch and impeccable patience as we learn to navigate the merchant platform TOP NOTCH! I simply don’t feel any other provider would have been able to do so much for us in such a short time and in such a professional, thorough and kind way.
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix
Farassi Chops connects us with those looking for fresh, affordable, and diverse produce that is delivered within hours.
George Adams
Founder Jamaican goods

Platform Features


Our platform has been built to scale to work with businesses like yours, with payments inbuilt.


You can monetize your store to increase reach and scale your business to more customers. This will allow customers to see you on our platform storefront.

Farassi chops Online Market Place


We have an end-end delivery system built with our app, so you can start sending out orders right after sign up.


Make informed decisions with our simple yet detailed user-friendly analytics from your sales. Understand the products that are selling more and fast and prepare to re-stock based on demand. Our intuitive visual graphs of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales, update in real time, enabling a fluid and seamless decision making without hesitation.




The Farassi experience is having the opportunity to negotiate and bargain for a sweet affordable fare and enjoying a wonderful and a smooth ride as if you never paid for anything. 

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