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With a single tab, book an express delivery to door and get your order in within 30-60 minutes.

*Not guaranteed; average delivery time.


With our competitive upfront fares, you always have the needed information to make the right decisions for all your deliveries.

Delivered safely and with care

Hand over your items to our well-trained drivers and track your delivery in real-time.


Most frequent questions and answers

FarassiDelivery is an on-demand delivery service that helps you to deliver items such as documents, parcels, and gifts to your business partners, family and friends.

Complete your delivery in 4 steps

  1. Download Farassi app
  2. Key in your pick-up and drop-off locations to get your fixed upfront fare.
  3. After confirming your booking, the nearest Farassi service provider will receive your order and head to the pick-up point right away.
  4. You can track your parcel real-time in the Farassi app

All our service providers have been trained extensively coupled with robust background checks.  You may contact our customer service for any difficulties or in any case of loss or damaged items.

Join our Farassi Family for your non-company transactions and errands. Drive around the city with Farassi. If you desire extra income at your leisure times or off work hours, you can join our Farassi Provider Family and earn extra income without a hassle. Just download the Provider App from Google Play store or the Apple App store and contact us for info on verification and activation

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And use Farassi Pay/Cash

to make your payments. Farassi Pay offers cheaper fares compared to paying with cash. Download our Apps Now




The Farassi experience is having the opportunity to negotiate and bargain for a sweet affordable fare and enjoying a wonderful and a smooth ride as if you never paid for anything. 

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