Get fueled up for a busy day without the hassle of how to get there.​

Enroll your business for a peace of mind city travel for your valued staff. Planning your business trip knowing that your transport is fully organized frees up your mind making it easy to focus on the important aspects of the trip. 

Reserve a Ride ahead of your travel


The App for the day to day movement of your valued staff. The best way to optimize the use of your fleet is to make use of our FarassiBiz App. We make the whole process of moving your staff and valued contractors around the city easy, comfortable and seamless.

The whole booking process is quick, easy and flexible. With our service, you can book a trip from the comfort of your office or  anywhere on the globe and your pickup will be ready at your departing location or at the airport if you are arriving from an international assignment.

Reports & Analytics

In the age of digitization, Farassi will turn your paper booking into digital bookings with the use of FarassiBiz App. No more paper trails and filings after using a company vehicle; everything is done over the App with detailed analytics and reports. You get full control over your fleet. All filings become digital in your palm across the globe.

Ease of Management

Offering easy approvals via managers/supervisors etc. all within the application. Communicating with your organizational drivers has become easier, efficient and in real time via FarassiBiz Driver App. Easy reminders and notification facilitates smooth transportation without delays. Your comfort and satisfaction is our focus.


For larger organizations, we offer customization to align with your organizational delivery and staff movement processes. We offer integration into your existing processes where applicable. We listen and design to your taste using our experienced developers. Your input is added, reviewed and optimized from design to implementation.

Do you operate a carpool service in your organization?

We are here to help you.

plan ahead and stay productive

maximizing work time and staying productive helps reduce frustration and the time cost of traveling.

The Farassi MaGic

The Farassi Magic is incorporated into the FarassiBiz App and it gives your company staff riders the ability to have a limitless three-way in-app communication.

And Coming SOON, the Farassi MaGic will transform the way people  buy food from their favourite Restaurant or Chop Bar in support of the reduction in the spread of COVID-19.

Join the Farassi MaGic – For the Community by the Community.

Drive | Bike | Ride | Order | Deliver

And make payment with Farassi Pay or Cash

to make your payments. Farassi Pay offers cheaper fares compared to paying with cash. Download our Apps Now

What Makes Our MaGic Real

Convenient and friendly rides

Using farassi is convenient. Our service providers are friendly, organized and well trained.

Clear and transparent fares/prices

We always show you the price before you order for a service and the best part is, the prices are negotiable. Awesome isn't it!

Journey Tracking

Your safety is our priority. All our trips are geo-tracked.You can also share your trip in real-time so your friends and family know where you are.

We're here for you

Our customer support team is here to help you and answer any questions you might have.


The Farassi experience is having the opportunity to negotiate and bargain for a sweet affordable fare and enjoying a wonderful and a smooth ride as if you never paid for anything. 

I’ll do this Millions of Times

The App that does MaGic


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