We have experience in designing and implementing software, dedicated in bringing your ideas to reality.

Why Farassi?

Software Development

We understands all the complexities and low-level details of corporate software development, and we have the talent to create the best solution for you.

QA & Software Testing

We help you build the best engineering staff for a high quality product whether it involves maintaining advanced practices and standards to avoid issues during the development cycle (Quality Assurance) or identifying errors prior to product release (Software Testing) or both.

Business Analysis

We provide Proper business analysis performed up front can cut development time significantly by avoiding costly reworks and ensuring optimum design.


Farassi a company specializing in service technologies. Headquartered in Canada, Farassi also provides cost effective solutions to clients.

We are all about creating new tools and applications. 

Farassi is the result of a decade of commitment to perfections from a world class team of IT professionals whose passion for technology takes results beyond limit. We make your dream a reality.



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